Beer Enthusiasts and Beer Enthusiasm

Drink responsibly! Of course, that’s great advice for all of us because we love our beer so much. Then, a plethora of jokes swarms the main side.

I do drink responsibly! I don’t spill my beer. I never leave it unattended. And I’ve never drank anyone else’s. One of the funniest jokes I’ve ever heard was about drinking and driving. A bright gentleman proceeded to tell me that he was told he shouldn’t drink and drive. So, he quit driving.

Yes, we can laugh because we are beer enthusiasts and it’s our brand of humor. But, the world has mixed emotions about us. Some people have been raised by alcoholics who have forever tainted the good name of the beer enthusiast. Television shows love to perpetuate a stereotype like that of Otis Campbell, the town drunk in “The Andy Griffith Show” who stumbles into the police station and locks himself in a jail cell so that he can sleep off his intoxication.

Most beer enthusiasts are unaware of the negative sentiment “some” people have against us. That’s because they grow up in healthy families with healthy drinking habits. Beer is a drink to enjoy, not to indulge! But, it is important to bring the other side of the coin into the discussion at times.

What we might deem as normal, someone always seems to find a way to make appear abnormal. For instance, years ago my grandfather would get off work and go to the bar to have a few drinks before he went home. There wasn’t any problem with that then. He was a railroader and he had every right to have a beer after work, even if it was at nine o’clock in the morning.

I was having a discussion one time with a distant aunt who started talking about my grandfather’s drinking problems. I probed her a little because I had no idea he had a drinking problem and as it turns out, he really didn’t. My aunt had issues with him drinking at nine in the morning. I simply pointed out to her that’s what many beer enthusiasts do when we get off work. It’s just that he kept very different hours than most of us.

But it’s always going to be a fact that five percent of us will ruin a great time for the rest. I have often gone home to visit a small town from which I moved. Friday After Five is the new thing they celebrate throughout the summer and the first couple of years were alright. The streets were blocked off and you could get a beer from a vendor in the middle of the road. Those days are gone.

The beer tent isn’t bad. But I liked walking around, enjoying the music and not being restrained by time or space. Now, we’re in a tent. Of course, bringing in beautiful women and having a car giveaway made things a little better this year. But, that five percent can really do some damage when no one’s looking.

Beer enthusiasts and beer enthusiasm makes the world go around. Don’t forget that beer has been around long before we came into this world and it is the world’s most consumed drink. That’s because for the most part, beer enthusiasts know how to have a good time and bring others into the fold responsibly. It’s just always good to keep in the back of your mind that there is a dissenting opinion and there are watchers lurking in every dark corner where you are trying to have fun. Don’t give them any reasons!

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