The Birth of the Home Bar

One business goes down and another pops up in its place. But this time, it’s a brew pub. It’s cool. I’m excited. And it’s right next door.

If you remember, it was quite a few months ago, back in February to be exact, that a bar where I was a frequent closed. Of course, I cried for two days. Then I picked myself up, brushed myself off and went back to my life.

I soon found another bar, as we all do. Time had changed and I was ready to move on, even though the heartbreak from yesterday still lingered and making that first step wasn’t easy. I soon found comfort in my new bar.

It was further away and inconvenient. But, I was on the rebound. I would have taken any bar at that time. I was at an all time low. But, I was slowly climbing up from my low point. I needed the rebound in order to move on and gain myself respect back.

But, low and behold, here comes a new Brew Pub. Right next door. I was walking one day in the early morning sun and I happened to notice, just as I passed the Italian Restaurant, just before the Steak House, that a new Brew Pub is being put in where an old Greek Restaurant used to be.

Then, I found out that I’m going to be invited to the Family and Friends night. Well, I begged a guy who had just got a job there if he would let me sneak in when no one else was looking. So, I’m good.

Anyway, they are taking some ideas from me. They are going to be hanging beer steins on the wall. They are going to let people have beer steins with their names on them. And they are going to be brewing their own beer. I can’t wait to taste them all.

In the months to come, I will be posting about how the beer stein experiment is taking place. I’ll also post reviews of their brews so that you can know how good of a time I’m having. Until next month, I’m just going to sit here and dream about the perfect world that is right around the corner. See what I did there!

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